Package org.jboss.soa.esb.listeners.message

Interface Summary
MessageComposer Message composer.

Class Summary
AbstractMessageComposer An abstract MessageComposer implementation, containing a useful default implementation.
ActionBeanConfigurator ActionBeanConfigurator was created because ActionMapper flattens the ConfigTree by promoting child "property" elements to attributes on the parent element.
ActionProcessingPipeline Action Processing Pipeline.
BasicMessageComposer Basic Message Composer.
Invoker Utility class to hide implementation details for sending Command messages and optionally awaiting for a response.
MessageAwareListener Esb Message aware transport independent listener.
MessageComposer.Factory Uitility factory class for reflective MessageComposer construction.
MessageDeliveryAdapter Adapter class for managing Message delivery to a specified Service.
UncomposedMessageDeliveryAdapter Adapter class for delivering uncomposed (ESB unaware) message payloads to a target service.

Exception Summary
MessageDeliverException Message delivery failure.