Interface Summary
EsbDeploymentMBean Interface for exposing JMX operations.

Class Summary
EsbConfigParser EsbConfigParser is a Microcontainer deployer that picks up jboss-esb.xml files, parses the content and produces an EsbMetaData instance.
EsbConstants Contstants for ESB Microecontainer Deployers.
EsbDeployer EsbDeployer takes care of the deployment of an EsbDeployment.
EsbDeployment EsbDeployment for the Microcontainer.
EsbMetaData Metadata for an ESB deployment.
EsbWebServiceDeployer EsbWebServiceDeployer is responsible for deploying the web service that will expose the underlying ESB service as a web service.
EsbWsdlDeployer MC deployer that generates a wsdl and then adds this wsdl to a virtual memory file system.
GroupingStructure Similar to jar or directory structure, being able to handle sub-dirs, but a bit more strict then dir structure.