Package org.jboss.identity.federation.api.wstrust

Interface Summary
SecurityToken Interface that represents a security token.
SecurityTokenProvider This interface defines the methods that must be implemented by security token providers.
SecurityTokenService The SecurityTokenService (STS) interface.
STSConfiguration The STSConfiguration interface allows access to the security token service (STS) configuration attributes.
WSTrustRequestHandler The WSTrustRequestHandler interface defines the methods that will be responsible for handling the different types of WS-Trust request messages.

Class Summary
WSTrustConstants This class defines the constants used throughout the WS-Trust implementation code.
WSTrustJAXBFactory This factory implements utility methods for converting between JAXB model objects and XML source.
WSTrustRequestContext The WSTrustRequestContext contains all the information that is relevant for the security token request processing.
WSTrustServiceFactory Factory class used for instantiating pluggable services, such as the WSTrustRequestHandler and SecurityTokenProvider implementations.
WSTrustUtil Utility class that provides methods for parsing/creating WS-Trust elements.

Exception Summary
WSTrustException Exception used to convey that an error has happened when handling a WS-Trust request message.

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