Package org.jboss.identity.federation.saml.v2.assertion

Class Summary
ActionType Java class for ActionType complex type.
AdviceType Java class for AdviceType complex type.
AssertionType Java class for AssertionType complex type.
AttributeStatementType Java class for AttributeStatementType complex type.
AttributeType Java class for AttributeType complex type.
AudienceRestrictionType Java class for AudienceRestrictionType complex type.
AuthnContextType Java class for AuthnContextType complex type.
AuthnStatementType Java class for AuthnStatementType complex type.
AuthzDecisionStatementType Java class for AuthzDecisionStatementType complex type.
BaseIDAbstractType Java class for BaseIDAbstractType complex type.
ConditionAbstractType Java class for ConditionAbstractType complex type.
ConditionsType Java class for ConditionsType complex type.
EncryptedElementType Java class for EncryptedElementType complex type.
EvidenceType Java class for EvidenceType complex type.
KeyInfoConfirmationDataType Java class for KeyInfoConfirmationDataType complex type.
NameIDType Java class for NameIDType complex type.
ObjectFactory This object contains factory methods for each Java content interface and Java element interface generated in the package.
OneTimeUseType Java class for OneTimeUseType complex type.
ProxyRestrictionType Java class for ProxyRestrictionType complex type.
StatementAbstractType Java class for StatementAbstractType complex type.
SubjectConfirmationDataType Java class for SubjectConfirmationDataType complex type.
SubjectConfirmationType Java class for SubjectConfirmationType complex type.
SubjectLocalityType Java class for SubjectLocalityType complex type.
SubjectType Java class for SubjectType complex type.

Enum Summary
DecisionType Java class for DecisionType.

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