Package org.jboss.identity.federation.saml.v2.metadata

Class Summary
AdditionalMetadataLocationType Java class for AdditionalMetadataLocationType complex type.
AffiliationDescriptorType Java class for AffiliationDescriptorType complex type.
AttributeAuthorityDescriptorType Java class for AttributeAuthorityDescriptorType complex type.
AttributeConsumingServiceType Java class for AttributeConsumingServiceType complex type.
AuthnAuthorityDescriptorType Java class for AuthnAuthorityDescriptorType complex type.
ContactType Java class for ContactType complex type.
EndpointType Java class for EndpointType complex type.
EntitiesDescriptorType Java class for EntitiesDescriptorType complex type.
EntityDescriptorType Java class for EntityDescriptorType complex type.
ExtensionsType Java class for ExtensionsType complex type.
IDPSSODescriptorType Java class for IDPSSODescriptorType complex type.
IndexedEndpointType Java class for IndexedEndpointType complex type.
KeyDescriptorType Java class for KeyDescriptorType complex type.
LocalizedNameType Java class for localizedNameType complex type.
LocalizedURIType Java class for localizedURIType complex type.
ObjectFactory This object contains factory methods for each Java content interface and Java element interface generated in the package.
OrganizationType Java class for OrganizationType complex type.
PDPDescriptorType Java class for PDPDescriptorType complex type.
RequestedAttributeType Java class for RequestedAttributeType complex type.
RoleDescriptorType Java class for RoleDescriptorType complex type.
SPSSODescriptorType Java class for SPSSODescriptorType complex type.
SSODescriptorType Java class for SSODescriptorType complex type.

Enum Summary
ContactTypeType Java class for ContactTypeType.
KeyTypes Java class for KeyTypes.

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