Package org.jboss.identity.federation.saml.v2.protocol

Class Summary
ArtifactResolveType Java class for ArtifactResolveType complex type.
ArtifactResponseType Java class for ArtifactResponseType complex type.
AssertionIDRequestType Java class for AssertionIDRequestType complex type.
AttributeQueryType Java class for AttributeQueryType complex type.
AuthnQueryType Java class for AuthnQueryType complex type.
AuthnRequestType Java class for AuthnRequestType complex type.
AuthzDecisionQueryType Java class for AuthzDecisionQueryType complex type.
ExtensionsType Java class for ExtensionsType complex type.
IDPEntryType Java class for IDPEntryType complex type.
IDPListType Java class for IDPListType complex type.
LogoutRequestType Java class for LogoutRequestType complex type.
ManageNameIDRequestType Java class for ManageNameIDRequestType complex type.
NameIDMappingRequestType Java class for NameIDMappingRequestType complex type.
NameIDMappingResponseType Java class for NameIDMappingResponseType complex type.
NameIDPolicyType Java class for NameIDPolicyType complex type.
ObjectFactory This object contains factory methods for each Java content interface and Java element interface generated in the package.
RequestAbstractType Java class for RequestAbstractType complex type.
RequestedAuthnContextType Java class for RequestedAuthnContextType complex type.
ResponseType Java class for ResponseType complex type.
ScopingType Java class for ScopingType complex type.
StatusCodeType Java class for StatusCodeType complex type.
StatusDetailType Java class for StatusDetailType complex type.
StatusResponseType Java class for StatusResponseType complex type.
StatusType Java class for StatusType complex type.
SubjectQueryAbstractType Java class for SubjectQueryAbstractType complex type.
TerminateType Java class for TerminateType complex type.

Enum Summary
AuthnContextComparisonType Java class for AuthnContextComparisonType.

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