Class Summary
AllowPostdatingType Java class for AllowPostdatingType complex type.
AuthenticatorType Java class for AuthenticatorType complex type.
BinaryExchangeType Java class for BinaryExchangeType complex type.
BinarySecretType Java class for BinarySecretType complex type.
CancelTargetType Java class for CancelTargetType complex type.
ClaimsType Java class for ClaimsType complex type.
DelegateToType Java class for DelegateToType complex type.
EncryptionType Java class for EncryptionType complex type.
EntropyType Java class for EntropyType complex type.
KeyExchangeTokenType Java class for KeyExchangeTokenType complex type.
LifetimeType Java class for LifetimeType complex type.
ObjectFactory This object contains factory methods for each Java content interface and Java element interface generated in the package.
OnBehalfOfType Java class for OnBehalfOfType complex type.
ParticipantsType Java class for ParticipantsType complex type.
ParticipantType Java class for ParticipantType complex type.
ProofEncryptionType Java class for ProofEncryptionType complex type.
RenewingType Java class for RenewingType complex type.
RenewTargetType Java class for RenewTargetType complex type.
RequestedProofTokenType Java class for RequestedProofTokenType complex type.
RequestedReferenceType Java class for RequestedReferenceType complex type.
RequestedSecurityTokenType Java class for RequestedSecurityTokenType complex type.
RequestedTokenCancelledType Java class for RequestedTokenCancelledType complex type.
RequestKETType Java class for RequestKETType complex type.
RequestSecurityTokenCollectionType The RequestSecurityTokenCollection (RSTC) element is used to provide multiple RST requests.
RequestSecurityTokenResponseCollectionType The element (RSTRC) MUST be used to return a security token or response to a security token request on the final response.
RequestSecurityTokenResponseType Actual content model is non-deterministic, hence wildcard.
RequestSecurityTokenType Actual content model is non-deterministic, hence wildcard.
SignChallengeType Java class for SignChallengeType complex type.
StatusType Java class for StatusType complex type.
UseKeyType Java class for UseKeyType complex type.
ValidateTargetType Java class for ValidateTargetType complex type.

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