Package org.jboss.jms.client.container

Class Summary
AsfAspect An aspect that implements the Application Server Facilities for concurrent processing of a consumer's messages.
BrowserAspect Aspect that caches blocks of messages during queue browsing in the aspect thus preventing excessive network traffic.
ClosedInterceptor An interceptor for checking closed state.
ConcurrencyInterceptor Interceptor - useful in debugging to determine when concurrent access to objects is occurring Not to be used in normal usage This interceptor is PER_INSTANCE.
ConnectionAspect Handles operations related to the connection This aspect is PER_INSTANCE.
ConsumerAspect Handles operations related to the consumer.
ExceptionInterceptor Interceptor that handles exceptions thrown from JMS calls This interceptor is PER_VM
FactoryAspect Constructs various things that can be created entirely or partially on the client.
JmsClientAspectXMLLoader This class deploys the client side AOP config from a byte[] representation of the client aop config file.
JMSClientVMIdentifier Unique id of a JMS client VM
ProducerAspect Handles sending of messages plus handles get and set methods for Producer - returning state from local cache This aspect is PER_INSTANCE.
ReceiverAspect This aspect handles receive functionality for a message consumer This aspect is PER_VM.
SessionAspect This aspect handles JMS session related logic This aspect is PER_VM
StateCreationAspect Maintains the hierarchy of parent and child state objects.
TransactionAspect This aspect handles transaction related logic This aspect is PER_VM.

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