Interface Receiver

All Known Subinterfaces:
Channel, CoreDestination
All Known Implementing Classes:
ChannelSupport, DistributedPipe, Queue, RemoteQueue, ServerConsumerEndpoint, Topic

public interface Receiver

A component that handles routable instances. Handling means consumption or synchronous/asynchronous forwarding to another receiver(s).

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Ovidiu Feodorov, Tim Fox

Method Summary
 Delivery handle(DeliveryObserver observer, Routable routable, Transaction tx)
          A receiver can return an active, "done" or null delivery.

Method Detail


public Delivery handle(DeliveryObserver observer,
                       Routable routable,
                       Transaction tx)
A receiver can return an active, "done" or null delivery. The method returns null in case the receiver doesn't accept the message. The return value is unspecified when the message is submitted in the context of a transaction (tx not null).

observer - - the component the delivery should be acknowledged to.
See Also:
Delivery, DeliveryObserver

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