Package org.jboss.jms.client.container

Class Summary
BrowserAspect Aspect that caches blocks of messages during queue browsing in the aspect thus preventing excessive network traffic.
ClosedInterceptor An interceptor for checking closed state.
ClusteringAspect This aspect is part of a clustered ConnectionFactory aspect stack.
ConnectionAspect Handles operations related to the connection This aspect is PER_INSTANCE.
ConnectionFailureListener The listener that detects a connection failure and initiates the failover process.
ConsumerAspect Handles operations related to the consumer.
ExceptionInterceptor Interceptor that handles exceptions thrown from JMS calls This interceptor is PER_VM TODO: This interceptor seem a bit useless.
FailoverValveInterceptor An interceptor that acts as a failover valve: it allows all invocations to go through as long as there is no failover in progress (valve is open), and holds all invocations while client-side failover is taking place (valve is closed).
JmsClientAspectXMLLoader This class deploys the client side AOP config from a byte[] representation of the client aop config file.
JMSClientVMIdentifier Unique id of a JMS client VM
ProducerAspect Handles sending of messages plus handles get and set methods for Producer returning state from local cache.
SessionAspect This aspect handles JMS session related logic This aspect is PER_VM
StateCreationAspect Maintains the hierarchy of parent and child state objects.

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