Package org.jboss.lang

Interface Summary
Annotation Annotation.
Iterable<T> Iterable.

Class Summary
AnnotationHelper AnnotationHelper.
Autoboxing Autoboxing.
Boolean Contains methods added to java.lang.Boolean in 1.5.
CharacterRedirects Contains methods added to java.lang.Character in 1.5.
ClassRedirects Implementations of java.lang.Class methods added in jdk5
EnumImpl<E extends EnumImpl<E>> Mapping of the java.lang.Enum.
JBossStringBuilder A JBossStringBuilder, providing the same functionality as the java5 StringBuilder, except no Appendable which is java5 specific.
NumberHelper Implementations of java.lang.Integer and other Number methods added in jdk5 Code from
StringRedirects Contains methods added to java.lang.String in 1.5.

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