Exception Summary
ActiveChildException Thrown if an attempt is made to complete an activity that has active child activities and at least one of the registered HLSs determines the it is an invalid condition.
HLSException Thrown the HLS completion fails.
InvalidActivityException Thrown if an attempt is made to utilise an unknown activity.
InvalidHLSException Thrown if an attempt is made to unregister an unknown HLS from the activity.
InvalidParentException The parent activity was invalid in the scope it was intended to be used.
InvalidTimeoutException Thrown if the timeout value associated with the invoking thread which should be applied to newly created activities is invalid.
NoActivityException Thrown if there is no activity associated with the invoking thread and one needs to be in order to execute the operation.
NoPermissionException The invoking thread does not have permission to attempt to use the operation.
ProtocolViolationException Thrown if the underlying protocol is violated in some way during termination.
SystemCommunicationException Marker interface for exceptions e.g.
SystemException Thrown if an error occurs which is not met by another specific exception.
WrongStateException Thrown if the state of the activity is such that it disallows the attempted operation.
WSASException This is the base class from which all WSAS related exceptions inherit.

Error Summary
HLSError An HLS may throw this error whenever a serious problem is encountered.

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