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Release Notes

Release Notes for JBoss Transaction Manager

by Misty JBoss.org Stanley-Jones


Release notes for ArjunaCore, ArjunaJTA, ArjunaJTS, and XTS components of the JBoss Transaction Manager.

Resolved issues

JBTM-575 RollbackException now behaves as it did in JBoss Application Server 4.3 and earlier, providing debugging information about the cause of the exception.

In JBoss Application Server 4.2 and previous, when a transaction rolled back, the RollbackException included the root cause of the exception. In JBoss Application Server 5.1, the exception no longer included this information, even though the information can still be found in a different area of the log file. Code which relied on the root cause information included in the exception no longer worked as expected.

The debugging information has been put back into the exception, so that it works as it did previously. The following algorithm is used:

This fix allows you to code against the root cause of the RollbackException.

JBTM-814 TSR implementations now implement ObjectFactory.

TSR implementations have been modified to implement ObjectFactory.

JBTM-811 The finalizer has been removed from the StateManager.

The StateManager no longer includes the finalizer.

JBTM-599 A synchronization in CacheStore has been fixed.

Removing threads operating on AsyncStore did not check to see if the cache was full, and did not notify AsyncCache to wake up. This could cause a stalling condition, if there were more removes than adds to the cache. Removes now check to see if the cache is full, and notify AsyncCache accordingly.

Resolved issues

JBTM-518 WST 1.1 support is now included in the default configuration

WS-BA 0.2.1 only imported the WST 1.0-compliant class libraries, and required a patch to import the WST 1.1-compliant class libraries. The BA framework now includes a libs/ directory that hosts the WST 1.1-compliant libraries, so WST 1.0 and 1.1 are both supported in the default configuration.

JBTM-800 Deploying just the Coordinator component of XTS no longer causes an exception to be thrown.

The configuration instructions for deploying just the Coordinator component of XTS used to cause an exception, because the ATParticipantRecoveryModule was not available on the Participant component. he Participant and Coordinator recovery modules now create and install a manager if one is not already found, and the exception is no longer thrown.

JBTM-803 WSDLs ares no longer duplicated in the WS-C and WS-TX JARs.

The WSDLs have been removed from the WS-TX JAR. Both the WS-C and WS-TX JAR are needed by XTS, and the duplicate information was causing confusion without serving a purpose.

JBTM-804 The log of an invalid state SOAP fault now correctly reports that the participant is compensated, not cancelled.

An invalid state SOAP fault causes the participant to be compensated, but the log message used to report that was cancelled. This has been fixed, so that the log message now agrees with the actual action.

JBTM-816 Threads in several components have been given names, for easier profiling.

The threads in the transaction reaper, reaper worker, action store scanner, and the XTS reaper worker have been given names. This makes them easier to identify during profiling.