Package com.arjuna.ats.arjuna

Class Summary
ArjunaNames This class contains the ClassNames and ObjectName attributes that may be used by implementations within this module.
AtomicAction This is a user-level transaction class, unlike BasicAction.
CadaverRecord Cadaver records are created whenever a persistent object is deleted while still in the scope of an atomic action.
Info Module specific implementation of the interface object.
LastResourceRecord AbstractRecord that helps us do the last resource commit optimization.
ObjectModel An enumeration of the types of object model supported.
ObjectStatus A transactional object may go through a number of different states once it has been created.
ObjectType The various types of StateManager object which can exist.
PersistenceRecord A PersistenceRecord is created whenever a persistent object is created/read/modified within the scope of a transaction.
StateManager The root of the Arjuna class hierarchy.
StateManagerAttribute Instances of this class may be passed to a StateManager object at construction time and used to configure it.
TopLevelAction This class provides a (nested) top-level transaction.