Package com.arjuna.ats.arjuna.coordinator

Interface Summary
HeuristicInformation An implementation of this interface should be returned by an AbstractRecord if it has caused a heuristic decision.

Class Summary
AbstractRecord Abstract Record Class This class provides an abstract template that defines the interface that the atomic action system uses to notify objects that various state transitions have occurred as the 2PC protocol executes.
ActionHierarchy Class that represents the transaction hierarchy.
ActionStatus The various state changes that a transaction can go through.
ActionType The two types of transactions, nested, and top-level.
AddOutcome The possible outcomes when trying to add an AbstractRecord as a participant within a transaction.
BasicAction BasicAction does most of the work of an atomic action, but does not manage thread scoping.
CheckedAction If an action attempts to terminate with threads still active we call an instance of this class to determine what to do.
RecordList This class manages instances of the classes derived from AbstractRecord in the form of an ordered doubly-linked list.
RecordListIterator A basic iterator for RecordList instances.
RecordType The following enumerated type defines the types of record that are derived from AbstractRecord.
RecoveryAbstractRecord Abstract Record Interface Class.
TransactionReaper Class to record transactions with non-zero timeout values, and class to implement a transaction reaper thread which terminates these transactions once their timeout elapses.
TwoPhaseCoordinator Adds support for synchronizations to BasicAction.
TwoPhaseOutcome The outcomes which can be generated when a transaction attempts to prepare/commit/rollback.
TxControl Transaction configuration object.
TxStats This class is used to maintain statistics on transactions that have been created.