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Uses of ComponentInfo in org.jboss.maven.plugins.thirdparty

Methods in org.jboss.maven.plugins.thirdparty that return ComponentInfo
static ComponentInfo ComponentInfoReader.parseComponentInfo( compInfoFile)
          Read a component-info.xml file into a ComponentInfo object.
static ComponentInfo ComponentInfoReader.parseComponentInfo( compInfoIS)
          Read a component-info.xml from an input stream into a ComponentInfo object.

Methods in org.jboss.maven.plugins.thirdparty with parameters of type ComponentInfo
static java.lang.String ComponentInfoWriter.generateComponentInfo(ComponentInfo compInfo)
static java.lang.String ComponentInfoWriter.getLibrariesEntEntry(ComponentInfo compInfo)
          Generate an entry for the libraries.ent file based on the given componentInfo object
static void ComponentInfoWriter.writeComponentInfo(ComponentInfo compInfo, outputFile)
          Write a componentInfo object to a file.

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