Class CompositeRequestChannel.LastRequest

  extended by org.modeshape.graph.request.Request
      extended by org.modeshape.graph.request.CompositeRequestChannel.LastRequest
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protected static class CompositeRequestChannel.LastRequest
extends Request

A psuedo Request that is used by the CompositeRequestChannel to insert into a request queue so that the queue's iterator knows when there are no more requests to process.

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Serialized Form

Constructor Summary
protected CompositeRequestChannel.LastRequest()
Method Summary
 boolean isReadOnly()
          Return whether this request only reads information.
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Constructor Detail


protected CompositeRequestChannel.LastRequest()
Method Detail


public boolean isReadOnly()
Description copied from class: Request
Return whether this request only reads information.

Specified by:
isReadOnly in class Request
true if this request reads information, or false if it requests that the repository content be changed in some way

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