Class SvnRepository

  extended by org.modeshape.graph.connector.path.PathRepository
      extended by org.modeshape.graph.connector.path.WritablePathRepository
          extended by org.modeshape.connector.svn.SvnRepository

public class SvnRepository
extends WritablePathRepository

Field Summary
protected static byte[] EMPTY_BYTE_ARRAY
protected  SvnRepositorySource source
Fields inherited from class org.modeshape.graph.connector.path.PathRepository
rootNodeUuid, workspaces
Constructor Summary
SvnRepository(SvnRepositorySource source)
Method Summary
protected  WritablePathWorkspace createWorkspace(ExecutionContext context, String name)
          Creates a new workspace with the given name containing only a root node.
 WorkspaceCache getCache(String workspaceName)
protected  void initialize()
          Initializes the repository by creating the default workspace.
Methods inherited from class org.modeshape.graph.connector.path.WritablePathRepository
createWorkspace, createWorkspace, destroyWorkspace, isWritable
Methods inherited from class org.modeshape.graph.connector.path.PathRepository
getDefaultWorkspaceName, getRootNodeUuid, getSourceName, getWorkspace, getWorkspaceNames
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clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait

Field Detail


protected static final byte[] EMPTY_BYTE_ARRAY


protected final SvnRepositorySource source
Constructor Detail


public SvnRepository(SvnRepositorySource source)
Method Detail


protected void initialize()
Description copied from class: PathRepository
Initializes the repository by creating the default workspace.

Due to the ordering restrictions on constructor chaining, this method cannot be called until the repository is fully initialized. This method MUST be called at the end of the constructor by any class that implements MapRepository .

Specified by:
initialize in class PathRepository


public WorkspaceCache getCache(String workspaceName)


protected WritablePathWorkspace createWorkspace(ExecutionContext context,
                                                String name)
Description copied from class: WritablePathRepository
Creates a new workspace with the given name containing only a root node.

This method does NOT automatically add the newly created workspace to the workspace map or check to see if a workspace already exists in this repository with the same name.

Specified by:
createWorkspace in class WritablePathRepository
context - the context in which the workspace is to be created
name - the name of the workspace
the newly created workspace; may not be null

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