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org.modeshape.graph.query The Query API provides a mechanism for building and executing queries. 
org.modeshape.graph.query.model The Abstract Query Model is a vocabulary that can be used to construct a language-neutral representation of a query. 
org.modeshape.graph.query.parse This package defines the QueryParser interface, which defines a component that can parse a query represented in a specific language and produce the corresponding abstract query model representation. 
org.modeshape.graph.query.plan This package defines the Planner interface, the CanonicalPlanner implementation, and the PlanNode class that is used to represent a canonical query plan. 
org.modeshape.graph.query.process This package defines the QueryProcessor interface, which is responsible for constructing for each query a tree of ProcessingComponent objects that each are responsible for processing a specific aspect of the query and returning the tuples to the parent component. 
org.modeshape.graph.request Sometimes its useful to work with a graph using objects that represent individual commands on the graph. 

Uses of Limit in org.modeshape.graph.query

Fields in org.modeshape.graph.query declared as Limit
protected  Limit QueryBuilder.limit

Uses of Limit in org.modeshape.graph.query.model

Fields in org.modeshape.graph.query.model declared as Limit
static Limit Limit.NONE

Methods in org.modeshape.graph.query.model that return Limit
 Limit QueryCommand.getLimits()
          Get the limits associated with this query.
 Limit Limit.withOffset(int offset)
 Limit Limit.withRowLimit(int rowLimit)

Methods in org.modeshape.graph.query.model with parameters of type Limit
 void Visitors.AbstractVisitor.visit(Limit limit)
 void Visitors.WalkAllVisitor.visit(Limit limit)
 void Visitors.ReadableVisitor.visit(Limit limit)
 void Visitor.visit(Limit limit)

Constructors in org.modeshape.graph.query.model with parameters of type Limit
Query(Source source, Constraint constraint, List<Ordering> orderings, List<Column> columns, Limit limit, boolean isDistinct)
          Create a new query that uses the supplied source, constraint, orderings, columns and limits.
QueryCommand(List<Ordering> orderings, Limit limit)
          Create a new query command that uses the supplied orderings and limits.
SetQuery(QueryCommand left, SetQuery.Operation operation, QueryCommand right, boolean all, List<Ordering> orderings, Limit limit)
          Create a set query involving the supplied left- and right-hand-side queries.

Uses of Limit in org.modeshape.graph.query.parse

Methods in org.modeshape.graph.query.parse that return Limit
protected  Limit SqlQueryParser.parseLimit(TokenStream tokens)

Uses of Limit in org.modeshape.graph.query.plan

Methods in org.modeshape.graph.query.plan with parameters of type Limit
protected  PlanNode CanonicalPlanner.attachLimits(QueryContext context, PlanNode plan, Limit limit)
          Attach a LIMIT node at the top of the plan tree.

Uses of Limit in org.modeshape.graph.query.process

Fields in org.modeshape.graph.query.process declared as Limit
protected  Limit AbstractAccessComponent.limit

Constructors in org.modeshape.graph.query.process with parameters of type Limit
LimitComponent(ProcessingComponent delegate, Limit limit)

Uses of Limit in org.modeshape.graph.request

Methods in org.modeshape.graph.request that return Limit
 Limit AccessQueryRequest.limit()
          Get the limit of the result tuples, which can specify a maximum number of rows as well as an initial offset for the first row.

Constructors in org.modeshape.graph.request with parameters of type Limit
AccessQueryRequest(String workspace, SelectorName tableName, QueryResults.Columns resultColumns, List<Constraint> andedConstraints, Limit limit, Schemata schemata, Map<String,Object> variables)
          Create a new request to execute the supplied query against the name workspace.

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