Uses of Interface

Packages that use LocalizationRepository
org.modeshape.common.i18n A simple framework for defining internationalized strings and obtaining the localized forms. 

Uses of LocalizationRepository in org.modeshape.common.i18n

Classes in org.modeshape.common.i18n that implement LocalizationRepository
 class ClasspathLocalizationRepository
          Implementation of a LocalizationRepository that loads a properties file from the classpath of the supplied class loader.

Methods in org.modeshape.common.i18n that return LocalizationRepository
static LocalizationRepository I18n.getLocalizationRepository()
          Get the repository of localized messages.

Methods in org.modeshape.common.i18n with parameters of type LocalizationRepository
static void I18n.setLocalizationRepository(LocalizationRepository localizationRepository)
          Set the repository of localized messages.

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