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Packages that use MimeTypeDetectorConfig
org.modeshape.graph.mimetype This package defines an interface for the MIME type detector, which represents a component that is able to determine the MIME type for a stream of data and/or the name of the file containing the data. 
org.modeshape.repository The components and services that make up ModeShape's lower-level graph engine, which is used within its JCR Engine. 

Uses of MimeTypeDetectorConfig in org.modeshape.graph.mimetype

Fields in org.modeshape.graph.mimetype declared as MimeTypeDetectorConfig
static MimeTypeDetectorConfig ExtensionBasedMimeTypeDetector.CONFIGURATION
          A default configuration that may be used to add the ExtensionBasedMimeTypeDetector to a MimeTypeDetector instance.

Methods in org.modeshape.graph.mimetype with parameters of type MimeTypeDetectorConfig
 boolean MimeTypeDetectors.addDetector(MimeTypeDetectorConfig config)
          Adds the configuration for a MIME-type detector before any previously added configurations, or updates any existing one that represents the same configuration
 boolean MimeTypeDetectors.removeDetector(MimeTypeDetectorConfig config)
          Removes the configuration for a MIME-type detector.

Uses of MimeTypeDetectorConfig in org.modeshape.repository

Methods in org.modeshape.repository that return types with arguments of type MimeTypeDetectorConfig
 List<MimeTypeDetectorConfig> ModeShapeEngine.ConfigurationScanner.getMimeTypeDetectors()

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