Uses of Interface

Packages that use TextExtractor
org.modeshape.extractor.teiid The package containing the Teiid VDB text extractor implementation. 
org.modeshape.extractor.tika The classes that make up the TextExtractor implementation that uses the Apache Tika Parser implementations. 
org.modeshape.graph The ModeShape Graph API defines the types that allow you to work with content organized as a graph. 
org.modeshape.graph.text This package defines an interface for components that extract text from content. 
org.modeshape.repository The components and services that make up ModeShape's lower-level graph engine, which is used within its JCR Engine. 

Uses of TextExtractor in org.modeshape.extractor.teiid

Classes in org.modeshape.extractor.teiid that implement TextExtractor
 class TeiidVdbTextExtractor

Uses of TextExtractor in org.modeshape.extractor.tika

Classes in org.modeshape.extractor.tika that implement TextExtractor
 class TikaTextExtractor
          A TextExtractor that uses the Apache Tika library.

Uses of TextExtractor in org.modeshape.graph

Methods in org.modeshape.graph that return TextExtractor
 TextExtractor ExecutionContext.getTextExtractor()
          Return an object that can be used to extract text from content, such as the content of a file.

Methods in org.modeshape.graph with parameters of type TextExtractor
 ExecutionContext ExecutionContext.with(TextExtractor textExtractor)
          Create a new execution context that is the same as this context, but which uses the supplied text extractor.

Constructors in org.modeshape.graph with parameters of type TextExtractor
ExecutionContext(SecurityContext securityContext, NamespaceRegistry namespaceRegistry, ValueFactories valueFactories, PropertyFactory propertyFactory, MimeTypeDetector mimeTypeDetector, TextExtractor textExtractor, ClassLoaderFactory classLoaderFactory, Map<String,String> data, String processId)
          Create an instance of the execution context by supplying all parameters.

Uses of TextExtractor in org.modeshape.graph.text

Classes in org.modeshape.graph.text that implement TextExtractor
 class TextExtractors
          Facility for managing TextExtractorConfigs.

Methods in org.modeshape.graph.text that return types with arguments of type TextExtractor
 ComponentLibrary<TextExtractor,TextExtractorConfig> TextExtractors.getLibrary()

Constructor parameters in org.modeshape.graph.text with type arguments of type TextExtractor
TextExtractorConfig(String name, String description, Class<? extends TextExtractor> clazz)
TextExtractorConfig(String name, String description, Map<String,Object> properties, Class<? extends TextExtractor> clazz)

Uses of TextExtractor in org.modeshape.repository

Methods in org.modeshape.repository that return TextExtractor
protected  TextExtractor ModeShapeEngine.getTextExtractor()
          Return the component that is able to extract text given content and its MIME type.

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