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Packages that use AnnotationMetadata The classes that make up the Java source file sequencer. The classes that make up the metadata definitions for the Java source file sequencer. 

Uses of AnnotationMetadata in

Methods in that return AnnotationMetadata
protected  AnnotationMetadata AbstractJavaMetadata.createAnnotationMetadataFor(org.eclipse.jdt.core.dom.Annotation annotation)

Uses of AnnotationMetadata in

Subclasses of AnnotationMetadata in
 class MarkerAnnotationMetadata
          Metadata for marker annotations.
 class ModifierMetadata
          Metadata for modifiers.
 class NormalAnnotationMetadata
          Metadata for normal annotations.
 class SingleMemberAnnotationMetadata
          Metadata for single member annotations.

Methods in that return types with arguments of type AnnotationMetadata
 List<AnnotationMetadata> PackageMetadata.getAnnotationMetada()
 List<AnnotationMetadata> TypeMetadata.getAnnotations()
 List<AnnotationMetadata> MethodMetadata.getAnnotations()
 List<AnnotationMetadata> FieldMetadata.getAnnotations()

Method parameters in with type arguments of type AnnotationMetadata
 void PackageMetadata.setAnnotationMetada(List<AnnotationMetadata> annotationMetada)
 void TypeMetadata.setAnnotations(List<AnnotationMetadata> annotations)

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