Uses of Interface

Packages that use OSGiBootstrapProvider
org.jboss.osgi.spi.framework Framework integration and bootstrap. 
org.jboss.osgi.testing Test support classes and interfaces. 

Uses of OSGiBootstrapProvider in org.jboss.osgi.spi.framework

Classes in org.jboss.osgi.spi.framework that implement OSGiBootstrapProvider
 class PropertiesBootstrapProvider
          A simple properties based bootstrap provider The PropertiesBootstrapProvider supports the following properties org.jboss.osgi.spi.framework.autoInstall - Bundles that need to be installed with the Framework automatically org.jboss.osgi.spi.framework.autoStart - Bundles that need to be started automatically org.jboss.osgi.spi.framework.extra - An URL to extra properties, which recursivly may conatin this property. All other properties are passed on to configure the framework.

Methods in org.jboss.osgi.spi.framework that return OSGiBootstrapProvider
static OSGiBootstrapProvider OSGiBootstrap.getBootstrapProvider()
          Get an instance of an OSGiBootstrapProvider.

Uses of OSGiBootstrapProvider in org.jboss.osgi.testing

Methods in org.jboss.osgi.testing that return OSGiBootstrapProvider
 OSGiBootstrapProvider OSGiRuntimeHelper.getBootstrapProvider()

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