Package org.jboss.osgi.resolver

Interface Summary
XAttachmentSupport Adds attachment support to an element
XAttributeSupport Adds support for attributes
XBundleCapability A host bundle capability
XCapability A capability
XDirectiveSupport Adds support for directives
XElement The base of all resolver elements
XFragmentHostRequirement A Fragment-Host requirement
XModule A Module for the XResolver.
XModuleBuilder A builder for resolver modules
XModuleIdentity An XModule identity.
XPackageCapability A package capability
XPackageRequirement A package requirement
XRequireBundleRequirement A bundle requirement
XRequirement A requirement
XResolver An OSGi resolver.
XResolverCallback The resolver callback
XWire Wires a requirement to a capability.

Class Summary
XResolverFactory A factory for resolver instances.

Exception Summary
XResolverException A resolver exception.

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