JBoss Remoting 3.0.0.Beta2

Package org.jboss.remoting.spi

Service provider classes and interfaces.


Interface Summary
AutoCloseable<T> A closeable resource which closes automatically when the number of active handles reaches zero.
Handle<T> A handle to a reference-counted AutoCloseable resource.
RemoteRequestContext The context of an outstanding remote request.
ReplyHandler A handler for replies from a request.
RequestHandler A request handler, which can be passed to remote endpoints.
RequestHandlerSource A request handler source, which can be passed to remote endpoints.

Class Summary
AbstractAutoCloseable<T> A closeable implementation that supports reference counting.
AbstractHandleableCloseable<T> A basic implementation of a closeable resource.
AbstractSimpleCloseable An abstract simple closeable implementation.
NamedServiceRegistry A registry associating names with services.
QualifiedName A qualified name for service registration.
SpiUtils Utility methods for Remoting service providers.

Package org.jboss.remoting.spi Description

Service provider classes and interfaces. The classes are basic utility classes as well as abstract base classes to ease implementation.

JBoss Remoting 3.0.0.Beta2

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