JBoss Remoting 3.0.0.Beta2

Class TransporterInvocation

  extended by org.jboss.remoting.transporter.TransporterInvocation

public final class TransporterInvocation
extends Object

An invocation made on a transporter. Instances of this class are used internally by transporters to represent a method call that is being forwarded to a remote instance. This class is not part of the public API and should not be used directly, as members may be added or removed without notice.

Nested Class Summary
static class TransporterInvocation.Externalizer
          An externalizer for a transporter invocation.
Constructor Summary
TransporterInvocation(TransporterMethodDescriptor methodDescriptor, Object[] args)
          Construct an intialized instance.
Method Summary
 Object[] getArgs()
          Get the method call arguments.
 TransporterMethodDescriptor getMethodDescriptor()
          Get the method descriptor.
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Constructor Detail


public TransporterInvocation(TransporterMethodDescriptor methodDescriptor,
                             Object[] args)
Construct an intialized instance.

methodDescriptor -
args - the arguments
Method Detail


public TransporterMethodDescriptor getMethodDescriptor()
Get the method descriptor.

the method descriptor


public Object[] getArgs()
Get the method call arguments.

the method call arguments

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