Class AppAccept

  extended by
      extended by
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public class AppAccept
extends AppCommonAttributes

Per RFC5023:

 The content of an "app:accept" element value is a media range as
 defined in [RFC2616].  The media range specifies a type of
 representation that can be POSTed to a Collection.
 The app:accept element is similar to the HTTP Accept request-header
 [RFC2616].  Media type parameters are allowed within app:accept, but
 app:accept has no notion of preference -- "accept-params" or "q"
 arguments, as specified in Section 14.1 of [RFC2616] are not
 White space (as defined in [REC-xml]) around the app:accept element's
 media range is insignificant and MUST be ignored.
 A value of "application/atom+xml;type=entry" MAY appear in any app:
 accept list of media ranges and indicates that Atom Entry Documents
 can be POSTed to the Collection.  If no app:accept element is
 present, clients SHOULD treat this as equivalent to an app:accept
 element with the content "application/atom+xml;type=entry".
 If one app:accept element exists and is empty, clients SHOULD assume
 that the Collection does not support the creation of new Entries.
 appAccept =
    element app:accept {
          ( text? )

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Kurt Stam
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Field Summary
protected  String content
Constructor Summary
AppAccept(String content)
Method Summary
 String getContent()
          Gets the value of the content property.
 void setContent(String value)
          Sets the value of the content property.
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Field Detail


protected String content
Constructor Detail


public AppAccept()


public AppAccept(String content)
Method Detail


public String getContent()
Gets the value of the content property.

possible object is String


public void setContent(String value)
Sets the value of the content property.

value - allowed object is String

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