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Packages that use TidyMessage.Level Customized implementation of Tidy library 

Uses of TidyMessage.Level in

Fields in declared as TidyMessage.Level
static TidyMessage.Level TidyMessage.Level.ERROR
          level = error (3).
static TidyMessage.Level TidyMessage.Level.INFO
          level = info (1).
static TidyMessage.Level TidyMessage.Level.SUMMARY
          level = summary (0).
static TidyMessage.Level TidyMessage.Level.WARNING
          level = warning (2).

Methods in that return TidyMessage.Level
static TidyMessage.Level TidyMessage.Level.fromCode(int code)
          Returns the Level instance corresponding to the given int value.
 TidyMessage.Level TidyMessage.getLevel()
          Getter for level.

Methods in with parameters of type TidyMessage.Level
 int TidyMessage.Level.compareTo(TidyMessage.Level object)
protected  java.lang.String Report.getMessage(int errorCode, Lexer lexer, Node element, java.lang.String message, java.lang.Object[] params, TidyMessage.Level level)
          Generates a complete message for the warning/error.

Constructors in with parameters of type TidyMessage.Level
TidyMessage(int errorCode, int line, int column, TidyMessage.Level level, java.lang.String message)
          Instantiates a new message.

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