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6.6.5.  < rich:dataFilterSlider > available since 3.0.0

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A slider-based action component is used for filtering table data.

The dataFilterSlider component is bound to some UIData component using the "for" attribute and filters data in a table.


<rich:dataFilterSlider sliderListener="#{mybean.doSlide}"
                        filterBy="getMileage" />
<h:dataTable id="carIndex"> 

In this example other two attributes are used for filtering:

"handleValue" is an attribute for keeping the current handle position on the dataFilterSlider component. Based on the current value, appropriate values obtained from a getter method defined in "filterBy" are filtered.

One more important attribute is a "storeResults" one that allows the dataFilterSlider component to keep UIData target object in session.

If it's necessary the component submits a form on event of a handle state changing, use the "submitOnSlide" attribute. When the attribute definition is "true", submission on this event is defined.

Information about the "process" attribute usage you can find in the "Decide what to process " guide section.

Table of <rich:dataFilterSlider> attributes.

You can find all necessary information about style classes redefinition in Definition of Custom Style Classes section.

On the component LiveDemo page you can see the example of <rich:dataFilterSlider> usage and sources for the given example.