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6.10.11.  < rich:simpleTogglePanel > available since 3.0.0

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A collapsible panel, which content shows/hides after activating a header control.

The component is a simplified version of toggle panel that initially has a defined layout as a panel with a header playing a role of a mode switching control. On a component header element, it's possible to define a label using an attribute with the same name.

Switching mode could be defined with the "switchType" attribute with three possible parameters.

The <rich:simpleTogglePanel> component also has an "opened" attribute responsible for keeping a panel state. It gives an opportunity to manage state of the component from a model. If the value of this attribute is"true" the component is expanded.

With help of "openMarker" and "closeMarker" facets you can set toggle icon for simpleTogglePanel .

Information about the "process" attribute usage you can find " Decide what to process " guide section.

Table of <rich:simpleTogglePanel> attributes.

You can find all necessary information about style classes redefinition in
Definition of Custom Style Classes section.

On the component LiveDemo page you can see the example of <rich:simpleTogglePanel> usage and sources for the given example.