Tag componentControl

The <rich:componentControl> behavior allows JavaScript API functions to be called on target components. The functions are called after defined events are triggered on the component to with the <rich:componentControl> behavior is attached. Initialization variants and activation events can be customized, and parameters can be passed to the target component.

@author Anton Belevich

Tag Information
Handler Id org.richfaces.behavior.ComponentControlBehavior
Handler Class org.richfaces.taglib.ComponentControlHandler

Name Required Type Description
event false java.lang.String Name of JavaScript event property (click, change, etc.) of parent component that triggers the behavior. If the event attribute is not defined, the behavior is triggered on the event that normally provides interaction behavior for the parent component
onbeforeoperation false java.lang.String Javascript invoked just before the operation will be invoked on target component.
operation false java.lang.String The function of JavaScript API that will be invoked on the target components (selected with target or selector attributes).
selector false java.lang.String jQuery selector (CSS selector with jQuery extensions) which finds target component which will be the operation fired on.
target false java.lang.String Comma-separated list of component IDs of components which will be the operation fired on. (Alternatively you can use selector attribute).

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