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Chapter 1. Installation

1.1. Overview
1.2. Prerequisites
1.3. Installation Instructions
1.3.1. Available databases and how to configure them
1.3.2. Upgrade web service for JBoss AS

This chapter provides details of the pre-requisites for using the RiftSaw BPEL project, and how to install the engine into a JBossAS environment.

The examples distributed with RiftSaw are split into two categories, quickstarts that are pure BPEL that can run directly in the JBossAS server, and ESB based examples that require JBossESB. If you only want to use the pure BPEL examples, then JBossESB will not be required.

  1. JBossAS (version 5.1.0.GA or higher) jdk6 version, available from http://www.jboss.org/jbossas, and please upgrade the web service stack to version 3.2.2.GA, as described in the following 'Upgrade web service for JBoss AS' section.
  2. JBossESB (version 4.9 or higher), should download the jbossesb-4.9.zip, available from http://www.jboss.org/jbossesb. This is only required to run the ESB/BPEL examples.
  3. RiftSaw, available from http://www.jboss.org/riftsaw
  4. Ant, available from http://ant.apache.org
  1. Install JBossAS

    Unpack the JBossAS installation into the required location.

  2. Install JBossESB

    This is only required if you want to run the ESB/BPEL examples.

    Unpack the JBossESB installation into a location alongside the JBossAS installation. Then follow the instructions in the JBossESB installation (install/readme.txt), to deploy JBossESB into the JBossAS environment.


    If you intend to install the jbossesb, it must be deployed to the application server before riftsaw.

  3. Install the RiftSaw distribution

    Unpack the RiftSaw distribution into a location alongside the JBossAS installation.

    • Edit the install/deployment.properties file to update the JBossAS location, JBoss AS instance, database and JBossESB location.
    • From the install folder, run:

      ant deploy -Ddatabase=... -Dws.stack=... -Dws.version=...

      to deploy RiftSaw to JBossAS, specifying a database and mandating the upgrade of the web service stack for JBossAS. The list of available databases, and how they should be configured, is explained in the next sub-section; the list of options for update of the web service stack is discussed in the one following it.


      Please note that RiftSaw should not be deployed while JBoss AS is running.


    The above installation steps are meant to be for riftsaw single server deployment, if you want to deploy riftsaw that supports clustering, you either need to specify the JBoss AS instance as 'all' config, or add '-Dclustering.support=true' in the command line. For detail, please refer to userGuide's RiftSaw Clustering Support chapter.

To de-install the RiftSaw distribution,