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Chapter 7. RiftSaw Clustering Support

7.1. Overview
7.2. Installation
7.3. Deployment
7.4. Bpel Process Service Invocation

In order to make riftsaw to be able to work in a clustering environment, it has to be configured to a shared database for all the nodes that among the clustering environment, because riftsaw persists all of process states into database. For the frontend, it needs a load balancer to dispatch the soap message into nodes properly.Below is the picture of riftsaw server deployment architecture for clustering.

In the $riftsaw/install folder, if you set the org_jboss_as_config=all in the deployment.properties, it will deployed riftsaw-clustering libraries and files into JBoss AS. If you want to deploy the riftsaw clustering feature into other config, say like you copied 'all' into 'node1', you can run the following command, (which basically added '-Dclustering.support=true').

ant deploy -Dclustering.support=true

Deploying bpel artifact in clustering environment is different from deploying it into a single server. You have to copy your bpel artifact (say hello_world.jar) into $JBossAS/server/$config (like all)/farm/, any artifacts deployed in this folder will be copied into all nodes that in the clustering environment.

For the bpel service that you deployed in the clustering environment, if you want to invoke that service, you should be specifying the load balancer's url instead of the soap address that you specified in the wsdl file.