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Chapter 6. Service Development

6.1. WS-BPEL
6.1.1. Generating WS-BPEL based Services
6.1.2. Adding implementation details

Services can be developed by generating initial development artifacts, based on artifacts created in preceding phases (e.g. global model or service contracts/designs).

To ensure that the services continue to conform to the artifacts defined in the previous phases, the tools perform conformance checking between the service implementation and the existing architecture/design artifacts. This is not possible with all implementation languages - they must provide the means to extract the communication structure for comparison.

The following sections explain how the generation and conformance checking can be achieved for the WS-BPEL implementation language.

This tools include a capability to generate a service implementation, for a participant in a choreography, using WS-BPEL. A completed version of the PurchasingGoods example can be found in the samples directory (which can be imported into Eclipse).

However if you wish to generate the example from scratch, the follow the instructions in this section. More information about how to use this feature can be found in the User Guide.