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Packages that use Sortable
org.jboss.solder.beanManager A set of utilities for looking up the BeanManager from non-managed classes, which are not able to take advantage of injection. 
org.jboss.solder.resourceLoader An extensible, injectable resource loader that can provide provide URLs, managed input streams and sets of properties. 
org.jboss.solder.util A collection of utilities for Solder 

Uses of Sortable in org.jboss.seam.faces.projectstage

Subinterfaces of Sortable in org.jboss.seam.faces.projectstage
 interface ProjectStageDetector
          SPI for providing different ways to obtain the current project stage

Uses of Sortable in org.jboss.solder.beanManager

Subinterfaces of Sortable in org.jboss.solder.beanManager
 interface BeanManagerProvider
           BeanManagerProvider is the SPI for BeanManagerLocator which allows third parties to register a way of obtaining the BeanManager outside of CDI managed objects.

Uses of Sortable in org.jboss.solder.resourceLoader

Subinterfaces of Sortable in org.jboss.solder.resourceLoader
 interface ResourceLoader
           A ResourceLoader is a pluggable contract for loading resources.

Uses of Sortable in org.jboss.solder.servlet.webxml

Subinterfaces of Sortable in org.jboss.solder.servlet.webxml
 interface WebXmlLocator
          SPI for finding the location of web.xml.

Uses of Sortable in org.jboss.solder.util

Methods in org.jboss.solder.util with parameters of type Sortable
 int arg1, Sortable arg2)

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