Package com.metamatrix.common.jdbc

Interface Summary
JDBCPlatformFactory.Protocol The use of platforms is a secondary search option in case the supported platforms don't match to the product name
JDBCPlatformFactory.Supported These are the platforms supported

Class Summary
JDBCPlatform The JDBCPlatform represents a single datasource connection.
JDBCPlatformFactory DO NOT USE LogManager in this class Here's the matrix for determining which platform to use: PN = Product Name, which means the product name from the metadata will help determine the platform Protocol = means the Protocol (mmx:oracle, oracle, sequelink) will help determine the platform Driver | Oracle DB2 SQLServer Sybase Informix ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Native PN PN PN PN PN MMX (DD) Protocol PN PN PN PN (mmx:oracle) MetaMatrix JDBC Protocol -->(SAME) -->(SAME) ----->(SAME) --> (SAME) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The process will look 1st at the protocol and then the product name to further deliniate the type of platform that should be used.
SimplePooledConnectionSource Simple pooling built on JDBCUtil.

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