Package com.metamatrix.common.types

Interface Summary
Streamable A large value object which can be streamable in chunks of data each time
Transform This interface represents the transformation from one data type to another.
XMLReaderFactory A factory interface for generating the readers
XMLTranslator This an interface defined to convert the various kinds of the XML sources defined into another source kinds.

Class Summary
AbstractTransform This fills in most of the details of a Transform and provides additional helpful methods as well.
BaseXMLTranslator Implements some common menthods that can be shared.
BlobImpl This object holds a chunk of binary data and implements the JDBC Blob interface.
BlobType Represent a value of type "blob", which can be streamable from client
ClobImpl This object holds a chunk of character data and implements the JDBC Clob interface.
ClobType This is wrapper on top of a "clob" object, which implements the "java.sql.Clob" interface.
DataTypeManager This class manages data type, conversions between data types, and comparators for data types.
MMJDBCSQLTypeInfo This is a helper class used to obtain SQL type information for java types.
SQLXMLImpl This metamatrix specific implementation of the SQLXML interface;
XMLDomSourceTranslator This class converts the DOMSource input documents into other types of XML documents.
XMLSAXSourceTranslator This class converts the DOMSource input documents into other types of XML documents.
XMLStreamSourceTranslator This class converts the Stream Source XML feed into other types of XML Sources.
XMLType This class represents the SQLXML object along with the Streamable interface.

Exception Summary
InvalidReferenceException A exception class to define that a invalid reference has been accessed.
TransformationException The exception is thrown when an error occurs during data transformation, typically a formatting error or an invalid input type.

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