Package com.metamatrix.core.commandshell

Interface Summary
ScriptResultListener Interface used by the command line shell as a callback when a script includes the definition of expected results.

Class Summary
Command Executes a command string on a given object.
CommandLineParser Break a String of the form: ...
CommandShell Reads input from standard input and directs commands read to the underlying target object.
CommandTarget Base class for command-line targets used by the CommandShell class.
ConnectorResultUtility Provides utility methods for manipulating the results of executing commands against a connector.
ScriptCommandTarget Base command target class with scripting support.
ScriptReader Understands how to read specific command line scripts from a String containing multiple scripts.

Exception Summary
ArgumentConversionException Exception indicating an argument value could not be converted to the needed type.
NoScriptFileException Exception thrown by ScriptCommandTarget when a script is invoked without specifying a script file.
WrongNumberOfArgumentsException Exception indicating the number of arguments provided do no match the number of arguments in the method signature.

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