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Uses of MappingBaseNode in com.metamatrix.query.mapping.xml

Subclasses of MappingBaseNode in com.metamatrix.query.mapping.xml
 class MappingAllNode
          This defines a "All" node in the XML Schema Mapping document
 class MappingChoiceNode
          Node that describes a choice node in an XML Scheam Mapping document This allows only the criteria nodes to be added to choice node.
 class MappingCriteriaNode
          Represents a Criteria Node under a Choice Node, which defines the criteria on the selection of child elements.
 class MappingDocument
          A Mapping Node document object.
 class MappingElement
          A Mapping Node which defines a Element in XML Schema Mapping document
 class MappingRecursiveElement
          A element which specifies a recursive element inside and xml schema.
 class MappingSequenceNode
          A node that describes a Sequence in XML Schema Mapping document
 class MappingSourceNode
          This represents a source node.

Methods in com.metamatrix.query.mapping.xml that return MappingBaseNode
 MappingBaseNode MappingBaseNode.getParentNode()
 MappingBaseNode MappingDocument.getRootNode()
 MappingBaseNode MappingBaseNode.setMaxOccurrs(int cardinality)
 MappingBaseNode MappingBaseNode.setMinOccurrs(int cardinality)
 MappingBaseNode MappingSourceNode.setSource(java.lang.String source)
 MappingBaseNode MappingBaseNode.setSource(java.lang.String source)

Methods in com.metamatrix.query.mapping.xml with parameters of type MappingBaseNode
 void MappingBaseNode.removeChildNode(MappingBaseNode toRemove)
 void MappingVisitor.visit(MappingBaseNode baseNode)

Uses of MappingBaseNode in com.metamatrix.query.optimizer.xml

Methods in com.metamatrix.query.optimizer.xml with parameters of type MappingBaseNode
 void SourceNodeGenaratorVisitor.visit(MappingBaseNode baseNode)
          In this code since we are only traversing the child nodes after the modification the removal and addtion of the nodes to the current may not affect the underlying collection object.

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