Package com.metamatrix.common.buffer

Interface Summary
BufferManager The buffer manager controls how memory is used and how data flows through the system.
StorageManager Basic interface for a storage manager.
TupleSource A cursored source of tuples.

Class Summary
BufferManagerFactory Factory for BufferManager instances.
BufferManagerPropertyNames This class holds constants for all the buffer manager properties.
LobTupleBatch A marker class file holding the lob based data in a separate batch holder.
TupleBatch Represents a set of indexed tuples.
TupleSourceID Identifier for a tuple source.

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
BlockedException This exception is thrown if the buffer manager blocks waiting on input during processing.
BlockedOnMemoryException This exception is thrown by the plan if it receives a MemoryNotAvailableException while attempting to pin a batch in the BufferManager.
MemoryNotAvailableException Indicates memory was not available for the requested operation.
TupleSourceNotFoundException Indicates a TupleSource could not be found.

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