Package com.metamatrix.console.ui.util

Interface Summary
RepaintController Interface by which a component can tell a controlling object that a repaint is needed, to be forced by any means that works.
SelectAllOrNoneMessageReceiver Interface intended to be used in conjunction with SelectAllOrNonePopupController.

Class Summary
ActionFireableButtonWidget Class to extemd Button Widget in order to gain public access to fireActionPerformed().
CenteredOptionPane Extension to JOptionPane to center the pane on the screen before painting.
ConsoleCellRenderer The universal List and Tree CellRenderer for the Console
IconComponent Extension to JComponent to represent a component consisting of one or more Icons to be presented horizontally, and nothing else.
IconLabel Extension to JPanel consisting of an icon followed in the same row by a label.
ItemsBlockedListSelectionListener Implementation of ListSelectionListener that will block the selection of any in a given set of items.
ItemsBlockedTreeSelectionListener Implementation of TreeSelectionListener that will block the selection of any in a given set of items, where the item is the last node in a selected tree path.
JEnterButton JEnterButton is a specialization of JButton that responds to the Enter key when it has keyboard focus.
LazyBranchListener LazyBranchListener is used with LazyBranchNode to call populate() on their nodes.
LazyBranchNode LazyBranchNode is a specialization of DefaultMutableTreeNode that delays populating its child nodes until it is expanded.
ModifiedDirectoryChooserPanel DirectoryChooserPanel is a customizable file explorer dialog similar to JFileChooser.
NoFocusUnlessSelectedListCellRenderer List cell renderer that does not show any item as having focus unless the item is also selected.
NoSelectionListCellRenderer List cell renderer that does not show any item shaded or outlined as either selected or having focus.
ReadOnlyListWidget ListWidget whose renderer will not show any list element has having focus or being selected.
SelectAllOrNonePopupController Class which will add a mouse listener to each of an array of Components.
StringListBasedListModel Extension to AbstractListModel to base model on List of String objects, which may be specified to be kept sorted.
TableCellRendererFactory The TableCellRendererFactory provides table cell renderers.

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