Package com.metamatrix.query.optimizer.xml

Class Summary
HandleNillableVisitor Removes the all the "excluded" nodes from the Mapping XML node tree
MarkExcludeVisitor This vistor marks all the nodes in the Mapping Document to "exclude".
NameInSourceResolverVisitor This visitor resolves the "element" names on the mapping nodes to the planned sources defined at same or parent nodes.
QueryUtil Helper methods for dealing with relational queries while performing XML planning.
ReferenceBindingReplacerVisitor This visitor class will traverse a language object tree, find any Reference objects, and replace them with the corresponding parsed Expression which is the Reference's binding.
SourceNodeGenaratorVisitor This class visits all the base nodes with "source" property set and extracts then and makes then independent nodes.
SourceNodePlannerVisitor This visitor will take source node's QueryNode, move the the inputset criteria specified on the QueryNode on to the Source Node's query.
TagBuilderVisitor Builds a Element/Attribute or Comment tag for the XML Plan Node.
ValidateMappedCriteriaVisitor Validate the criteria specified on the elements.
XMLNodeMappingVisitor This visitor is able to map symbols based on the XML document model: given a symbol representing one of the nodes of the document which is mapped, this object will find the Symbol representing the relational element it is mapped to.
XMLPlanner This prepares an XMLPlan from a Mapping Document structure of MappingNodes.
XMLPlannerEnvironment This handy little class simply holds data that is sent recursively throughout the XMLPlanner.
XMLPlanToProcessVisitor This class converts the MappingDocument to a Program which can be executed using the Query Processor
XMLStagaingQueryPlanner This class has code to with planning the automatic XML staging queries.

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