Package com.metamatrix.query.sql.lang

Interface Summary
CommandContainer Returns a list of subCommands that is safe to manipulate
SubqueryContainer This interface defines a common interface for all MetaMatrix SQL objects that contain subqueries.

Class Summary
AbstractCompareCriteria The common functionality of a CompareCriteria and a SubqueryCompareCriteria.
AbstractSetCriteria This is an abstract class to define some common functionality in the two varieties of IN criteria: SetCriteria (where values are specified) and SubquerySetCriteria (where a subquery is defined and will supply the values for the IN set).
AtomicCriteria This abstract class represents an atomic logical criteria.
BatchedUpdateCommand Represents a batch of INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, and SELECT INTO commands
BetweenCriteria Represents criteria such as: " [NOT] BETWEEN AND ".
Command A Command is an interface for all the language objects that are at the root of a language object tree representing a SQL statement.
CompareCriteria A criteria which represents a simple operator relationship between two expressions.
CompoundCriteria This class represents a compound criteria for logical expressions.
Criteria This class represents the criteria clause for a query, which defines constraints on the data values to be retrieved for each parameter in the select clause.
Delete This class represents a SQL Delete statement of the form: "DELETE FROM [WHERE ]".
DependentSetCriteria The DependentSetCriteria is missing the value set until it is filled during processing.
ExistsCriteria This predicate criteria implements the "exists" predicate, which has a subquery in it.
From Represents a FROM clause in a SELECT query.
FromClause A FromClause is an interface for subparts held in a FROM clause.
GroupBy This class represents the GROUP BY clause of a query, which defines the expressions that should be used for grouping the results of the query.
GroupContext A GroupContext represents a set of groups in a hierarchy that determines resolving order.
Insert Represents a SQL Insert statement of the form: "INSERT INTO () VALUES ".
Into Rpresent INTO clause in SELECT ...
IsNullCriteria Represents criteria such as: " IS NULL".
JoinPredicate Represents a subpart of the FROM clause specifying a join within the FROM.
JoinType This class represents a join type.
LogicalCriteria This class represents a criteria that works by logically combining other criteria.
MatchCriteria This class represents a criteria involving a string expression to be matched against a string expression match value.
MatchCriteria.PatternTranslator Utility to convert the pattern into a different match syntax
NotCriteria A logical criteria that takes the logical NOT of the contained criteria.
Option Represents MetaMatrix extension options to normal SQL.
OrderBy Represents the ORDER BY clause of a query.
PredicateCriteria This abstract class represents a predicate criteria, which involves some statement involving expressions and can be evaluated in the context of a single row of data to be either true or false.
Query A representation of a data query.
QueryCommand This is a common super class for the two types of query commands: Query and SetQuery.
Select This class represents the SELECT clause of a query, which defines what elements or expressions are returned from the query.
SetCriteria A criteria which is true is the expression's value is a member in a list of values.
SetQuery This object acts as a Set operator on multiple Queries - UNION, INTERSECT, and EXCEPT can be implemented with this Class
SPParameter Represents a StoredProcedure's parameter for encapsulation in the Query framework This is basically a holder object set from the Server's implementation of a stored procedure.
StoredProcedure Represents a StoredProcedure statement of the form:
SubqueryCompareCriteria This class implements a quantified comparison predicate.
SubqueryFromClause A FROM subpart that represents a subquery.
SubquerySetCriteria A criteria which is true is the expression's value is a member in a list of values returned from a subquery.
UnaryFromClause A FROM subpart that represents a single group.
Update Represents a SQL Update statement of the form: "UPDATE SET = , ...
XQuery An XQuery command object

Enum Summary

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