Class DBIDResourceTransaction

  extended by com.metamatrix.common.connection.BaseTransaction
      extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
TransactionInterface, DBIDSourceTransaction

public class DBIDResourceTransaction
extends BaseTransaction
implements DBIDSourceTransaction

TransactionSourceTransaction implementation.

Constructor Summary
DBIDResourceTransaction(ManagedConnection connection, boolean readonly)
          Create a new instance of a transaction for a managed connection.
Method Summary
 void createIDBlock(long blockSize, java.lang.String context, ReservedIDBlock block)
 long getMaxValue()
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close, commit, isClosed, isReadonly, rollback

Constructor Detail


public DBIDResourceTransaction(ManagedConnection connection,
                               boolean readonly)
                        throws ManagedConnectionException
Create a new instance of a transaction for a managed connection.

connectionPool - the pool to which the transaction should return the connection when completed
connection - the connection that should be used and that was created using this factory's createConnection method (thus the transaction subclass may cast to the type created by the createConnection method.
readonly - true if the transaction is to be readonly, or false otherwise
ManagedConnectionException - if there is an error creating the transaction.
Method Detail


public void createIDBlock(long blockSize,
                          java.lang.String context,
                          ReservedIDBlock block)
                   throws java.lang.Exception
Specified by:
createIDBlock in interface DBIDSourceTransaction


public long getMaxValue()

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