Class LogContextsUtil

  extended by com.metamatrix.common.util.LogContextsUtil

public class LogContextsUtil
extends java.lang.Object

Utility class which includes the Set of all String logging contexts used by all parts of the server.

Due to build implementations, this class must define all logging contexts, which may be redundantly defined elsewhere.

Nested Class Summary
static class LogContextsUtil.CommonConstants
static class LogContextsUtil.DQPConstants
static class LogContextsUtil.PlatformAdminConstants
static class LogContextsUtil.PlatformConstants
static class LogContextsUtil.QueryConstants
static class LogContextsUtil.RuntimeMetadataConstants
static class LogContextsUtil.SecurityConstants
static class LogContextsUtil.ServerConstants
Field Summary
static java.util.Set ALL_CONTEXTS
          The Set of all String logging contexts of all parts of the server.
static java.lang.String CTX_CONFIG
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
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Field Detail


public static final java.util.Set ALL_CONTEXTS
The Set of all String logging contexts of all parts of the server.


public static final java.lang.String CTX_CONFIG
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Constructor Detail


public LogContextsUtil()

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