Package com.metamatrix.core.util

Interface Summary

Class Summary
ArgCheck This class contains a set of static utility methods for checking method arguments.
Assertion This class contains a set of static utility methods for assertion checking.
Base64 Encodes and decodes to and from Base64 notation.
ChecksumUtil This utility class provides mechanisms for computing the checksum.
EquivalenceUtil Utilities to test the equivalence (see method-specific definitions) of any two object/array references.
ExternalizeUtil Utilities used by Externalizable classes to read/write objects from ObjectInput/ObjectOutput instances.
FileUtil Utility class for dealing with files.
HashCodeUtil This class provides utility functions for generating good hash codes.
LRUCache<K,V> This class replaces a verbose legacy implementation of LRUCaching.
MetaMatrixExceptionUtil Utility class that provides some useful things for users of the com.metamatrix.api.exception package.
MetaMatrixExceptionUtil.NestedExceptionIterator An Iterator over any nested children Throwables of either a MetaMatrixException or a MetaMatrixRuntimeException.
ResourceNameUtil Utility class used for determining if proposed resource names are reserved names or not.
StringUtil This is a common place to put String utility methods.
StringUtilities This class contains static utilities that return strings that are the result of manipulating other strings or objects.
TempDirectory Creates and deletes temporary directories.
TempDirectoryMonitor Keeps track of all TempDirectories created so that they can be removed.
ZipFileUtil This class provides utilities to manipulate Zip files.

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