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Uses of PlanNode in com.metamatrix.jdbc

Methods in com.metamatrix.jdbc that return PlanNode
 PlanNode MMStatement.getPlanDescription()
          Get Query plan description.

Uses of PlanNode in com.metamatrix.jdbc.api

Methods in com.metamatrix.jdbc.api that return PlanNode
 PlanNode PlanNode.getParent()
          Get the parent node for this node.
 PlanNode Statement.getPlanDescription()
          Obtain the query plan object representation from the last command executed on this Statement, if a query plan was requested in the command.

Methods in com.metamatrix.jdbc.api with parameters of type PlanNode
static java.lang.String XMLOutputVisitor.convertToXML(PlanNode node)
          Helper method to perform a conversion using the DefaultDisplayHelper.
 java.lang.String DisplayHelper.getDescription(PlanNode node)
          Get the description to use for this plan node, which is usually displayed after the name as a short description.
 java.lang.String DefaultDisplayHelper.getDescription(PlanNode node)
 java.lang.String DisplayHelper.getName(PlanNode node)
          Get the name to use for this plan node.
 java.lang.String DefaultDisplayHelper.getName(PlanNode node)
 java.util.List DisplayHelper.getOrderedProperties(PlanNode node)
          Determine the proper order to display the properties of the node.
 java.util.List DefaultDisplayHelper.getOrderedProperties(PlanNode node)
 void XMLOutputVisitor.visit(PlanNode node)
 void PlanVisitor.visit(PlanNode rootNode)
          This method controls how a tree is visited from the rootNode.
protected  void TextOutputVisitor.visitContainerProperty(PlanNode node, java.lang.String propertyName, java.util.Collection propertyValue)
protected abstract  void PlanVisitor.visitContainerProperty(PlanNode node, java.lang.String propertyName, java.util.Collection propertyValue)
          Visit a container property - the container property will be visited, then each particular value of the container will be visited.
protected  void TextOutputVisitor.visitNode(PlanNode node)
protected abstract  void PlanVisitor.visitNode(PlanNode node)
          Visit a node.
protected  void TextOutputVisitor.visitPropertyValue(PlanNode node, java.lang.String propertyName, java.lang.Object propertyValue)
protected abstract  void PlanVisitor.visitPropertyValue(PlanNode node, java.lang.String propertyName, java.lang.Object propertyValue)
          Visit a property value.

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Methods in with parameters of type PlanNode
 java.lang.String QueryPlanDisplayHelper.getDescription(PlanNode node)
 java.lang.String QueryPlanDisplayHelper.getName(PlanNode node)
 java.util.List QueryPlanDisplayHelper.getOrderedProperties(PlanNode node)
          This methods returns a List of sorted property names.
 java.util.Map QueryPlanDisplayHelper.getOrderedPropertiesMap(PlanNode node)
 java.lang.String QueryPlanDisplayHelper.getType(PlanNode node)

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