Interface Summary
AuthorizationActions The EntitlementAction interface encapsulates the methods that are required to identify the set of actions associated with an entitlement.
AuthorizationPermissionFactory This interface is implemented by classes that are able to create AuthorizationPermission instances, and is invoked by the service providers during loading and saving of policies from and to data storage.
AuthorizationPermissions Interface AuthorizationPermissions.
AuthorizationResource This interface defines a Resource on which can be granted one or more Actions.
ILogon Generic logon interface.
MetaMatrixPrincipal This interface represents an abstract notion of users, groups or applications within the MetaMatrix Security Framework.
MetaMatrixSessionState This interface contains the class constants indicating state for a MetaMatrix Session.

Class Summary
AuthorizationObjectEditor Editor allows automatic creation of individual com.metamatrix.common.actions.Actions in an enforcable way when making modifications to Authorizations.

The actions can be submited to the Authorization Service to execute them in a transaction.
AuthorizationPermission An authorization permission defines access permissions for a particular resource.
AuthorizationPermissionsImpl This class represents a heterogeneous set of AuthorizationPermission instances.
AuthorizationPolicy The AuthorizationPolicy class defines a set of permissions (i.e., permissions) that apply to a set of principals (@see MetaMatrixPrincipalName).
AuthorizationPolicyFactory The class build the Policies from the xml file or converts the policies to xml file for importing and exporting of the policy files from one server to another.
AuthorizationRealm This class contains the realm and sub realm for an AuthorizationPermission.
It may be composed of two divisions - a super realm and a sub realm.
BasicAuthorizationPermission A BasicAuthorizationPermission defines access permissions for Metadata resources (i.e., MetadataID instances).
BasicAuthorizationPermissionFactory This class is the factory for BasicAuthorizationPermission instances.
DataAccessResource Defines a resource associated with a BasicAuthorizationPermission.
GranteeEntitlementEntry This object contains one entry for an entitlement entry in UserEntitlementInfo.
LogonResult Dataholder for the result of ILogon.logon().
MetaMatrixSessionID This immutable class represents an identifier for a unique session.
MetaMatrixSessionInfo This class represents an immutable informational object describing the attributes of a unique MetaMatrix session within a given MetaMatrix System.
SecurityPlugin PlatformPlugin
SessionToken This class is an immutable identifier for a unique session that also maintains the name of the principal for that session.
StandardAuthorizationActions The static and closed set of basic authorization actions.
UserEntitlementInfo Information about a particular entitled Resource (Group or table, Element or column), this class specifies a collection of Principals (users or user groups) - Grantees that have been granted certain Allowed Actions (one or more of {CREATE, READ, UPDATE, DELETE}) on the given Resource by one or more Grantors (granting authority).

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