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Uses of ContextReference in com.metamatrix.query.sql.lang

Classes in com.metamatrix.query.sql.lang that implement ContextReference
 class DependentSetCriteria
          The DependentSetCriteria is missing the value set until it is filled during processing.
 class ExistsCriteria
          This predicate criteria implements the "exists" predicate, which has a subquery in it.
 class SubqueryCompareCriteria
          This class implements a quantified comparison predicate.
 class SubquerySetCriteria
          A criteria which is true is the expression's value is a member in a list of values returned from a subquery.

Uses of ContextReference in com.metamatrix.query.sql.symbol

Classes in com.metamatrix.query.sql.symbol that implement ContextReference
 class Reference
          This class represents a reference (positional from the user query, or to an element from another scope).
 class ScalarSubquery
          This is an Expression implementation that can be used in a SELECT clause.

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